Introducing The West Collection


We'd love for you to meet the West Collection, our new made-to-order set of travel goods with a cause. Inspired by our love for the western United States, West Collection products are individually made to order from your choice of 25 different print and color options. While we have more products in the development queue set to be released as part of this collection, today we're launching a simple head band and a re-engineered version of our classic head sock.

Designed out of requests for an even more minimalist piece of this lovely fabric, our head band does triple duty to keep back your hair, block the light from your eyes, and spiff up any hat.

We have two ready made headbands currently available in the shop!

Our founding product, now designed with flat seam at the back for added comfort, increased durability, and absolutely zero possibility for chafing! And yes, it still works wonderfully as a pillowcase too!

We have one ready made head sock currently available in this shop!

About Our Shift To Made-To-Order Products

When we initially founded RambleGood, we opted for a limited edition collection model to support hand making a quality product within our budget. In the two years of building towards re-launching our handmade travel goods line, we learned that in order to expand our line past our original four products and into a greater variety of patterns and colorways - limited editions just weren't going to cut it.

So, with the introduction of the West Collection - we're going made-to-order with our line*. This means that when you select the product and fabric you'd like and click purchase - we get busy! Your fabric is ordered, shipped to us, and then we sew the item just before shipping it out to you. Due to the wait times involved for us to receive the fabric and then sew it up, made-to-order products will ship approximately five (5) weeks after being ordered.

* Now here's the caveat to all that! For most of our made-to-order products, when we order fabric - we are usually able to get more than one item out of that order. So, from time to time, you'll see ready-made items pop up in the shop ready for shipping just as soon as you purchase them! Right now, we have two head bands and one new head sock in stock and ready to ship (in addition to our remaining limited edition launch collection items).

We hope this gives you a better opportunity to get the products you want in designs and colorways that appeal personally to you!

Questions? Let us know if you have any! Either here in the comments, on Instagram, or send us at email at

We're Back At It + Having A Great Big Sale!


It's been over two years since we launched our first collection and subsequently put our growth plans on hold. Now, it's time to change all that!

The Backstory

When we launched in 2015, we launched with a full 10 year plan for RambleGood's future. It included expanding our product line, a crowdfunding campaign, and a transition to become something greater than just purveyors of our own handmade goods.

Two months after launching, life hit us hard, and subsequently continued to hit us hard for the following two years. In the early autumn of 2016, we made a decision - to enact what we had been calling "Plan D." In January of 2017, the plan came to fruition and uprooted us from our beloved Pacific Northwest community and moved us across the country to the Hudson River Valley region of New York State. While we were in the process of moving, what was to become of RambleGood was still up in the air. Now, at about six months into a new lifestyle - which has provided significantly more time and flexibility for side-hustles, we're back on target to that original 10 year plan (with some adjustments, that is).

What's Next?

Well first of all, we're still planning to expand our product line and still have grand plans to grow to something greater. The crowdfunding campaign on the other hand, has been shelved for the time being. Instead, RambleGood will be going to a (mostly) made-to-order model business. That is until we have enough orders coming in on a regular basis to support maintaining stock. More details on all that later though.

What else can you expect? RambleGood will undergo some rebranding - but nothing about our mission will change. We'll just be getting a fresh upgrade that will better set us up for that 10 year plan we keep mentioning. You can also expect a brand new take on the colors and fabric we'll be using in our products. If you follow our founder, Adina Marguerite, on social media - you've probably already seen some sneak peeks!

But First...

We're putting our entire launch collection on a super sale in order to raise the funds to make this all happen! Simply use the promo code "FIFTY" at checkout to get 50% off your entire purchase!

Keep in mind that our launch collection is limited edition and as such supplies are limited - particularly of the two drawstring bags. Also, it's likely that we'll never be lowering our prices this much again with our new sales model - so if you're interested in any of our core four products, now's the time to grab one! 

So, what are you waiting for? Head over the shop and get your order in!

So, What's Next For RambleGood?

A Short Letter from the Founder

Over the past year since launching RambleGood - this is the question I'm asked the most often. Back in early 2015 I had a very specific answer; the development of second and third collections and a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to support more products and equipment. Everything was planned down the the smallest detail, including the thank you's for campaign supporters. 

If you follow me personally on the web, you'll know that the summer of 2015 ended up being a rough one for my little Seattle family. It lead to a long period of reconsideration of my creative pursuits, a 100 Day Project, and an online class in surface pattern design. Through all this, I put RambleGood on hold. Our shop has been up and operational all this time and we've sold a few scarves here and there, but marketing and growth efforts had to take a rest. 

So here's what I know right now, in terms of what's next for RambleGood:

  • At it's core, RambleGood is about quality handmade travel goods and supporting non-profits doing good around the globe.
  • I have a whole list of ideas for handmade goods which fill a void I've found while traveling.
  • The up-leveling in my surface pattern design skill set will most certainly be influencing the future of RambleGood.
  • RambleGood will continue to rest as I work through exactly what our next step is going to be.

Peace and good travels,

Adina Marguerite

RambleGood In The Wild: South America with Ilyssa

We love sharing the ways you're Rambling Good around the world with our handmade gear. Thanks to product tester, Ilyssa, for giving our head sock a beating on her three-month journey through South America and for sharing these wanderlust inspiring shots from her journey. 

RambleGood In The Wild: South America with Ilyssa
RambleGood In The Wild: South America with Ilyssa
RambleGood In The Wild: South America with Ilyssa
RambleGood In The Wild: South America with Ilyssa
RambleGood In The Wild: South America with Ilyssa

Want to share your photos of Rambling Good?

Just tag your photos with #RambleGoodInTheWild, tag us @RambleGood on your favorite social media account, or e-mail us directly at info [at] ramblegood [dot] com. 

10 Ways To Rock Your Head Sock

So what actually is a "head sock" and how in the world do you wear it?

In simple terms, our head sock is a 20 inch long tube of jersey fabric made of a combination of quick-drying polyester and spandex with a 21 inch circumference. In other words, our head sock is a soft stretchy tube of travel versatility. 

The 10 photos you see above represent ways the RambleGood team has been spotted wearing our head sock - and yes, we do actually put the headsock on our dog. She's thin furred the extra layer can be helpful on windy hikes. From our testers, we've heard a number of other ways to utilize this stretchy tube including as a pillow case for backpacking adventures! Just stuff your fluffiest clothing into the center, lay back, and catch some z's. Like our infinity scarf, our head sock is quick-drying and easy to wash by hand, machine, or in the closest stream. 

Pick up your limited edition Launch Collection head sock in the shop before they're gone! And don't forget to show us how you're rocking your head sock on Instagram with #RockYourHeadSock.