10 Ways To Rock Your Head Sock

So what actually is a "head sock" and how in the world do you wear it?

In simple terms, our head sock is a 20 inch long tube of jersey fabric made of a combination of quick-drying polyester and spandex with a 21 inch circumference. In other words, our head sock is a soft stretchy tube of travel versatility. 

The 10 photos you see above represent ways the RambleGood team has been spotted wearing our head sock - and yes, we do actually put the headsock on our dog. She's thin furred the extra layer can be helpful on windy hikes. From our testers, we've heard a number of other ways to utilize this stretchy tube including as a pillow case for backpacking adventures! Just stuff your fluffiest clothing into the center, lay back, and catch some z's. Like our infinity scarf, our head sock is quick-drying and easy to wash by hand, machine, or in the closest stream. 

Pick up your limited edition Launch Collection head sock in the shop before they're gone! And don't forget to show us how you're rocking your head sock on Instagram with #RockYourHeadSock.