So, What's Next For RambleGood?

A Short Letter from the Founder

Over the past year since launching RambleGood - this is the question I'm asked the most often. Back in early 2015 I had a very specific answer; the development of second and third collections and a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to support more products and equipment. Everything was planned down the the smallest detail, including the thank you's for campaign supporters. 

If you follow me personally on the web, you'll know that the summer of 2015 ended up being a rough one for my little Seattle family. It lead to a long period of reconsideration of my creative pursuits, a 100 Day Project, and an online class in surface pattern design. Through all this, I put RambleGood on hold. Our shop has been up and operational all this time and we've sold a few scarves here and there, but marketing and growth efforts had to take a rest. 

So here's what I know right now, in terms of what's next for RambleGood:

  • At it's core, RambleGood is about quality handmade travel goods and supporting non-profits doing good around the globe.
  • I have a whole list of ideas for handmade goods which fill a void I've found while traveling.
  • The up-leveling in my surface pattern design skill set will most certainly be influencing the future of RambleGood.
  • RambleGood will continue to rest as I work through exactly what our next step is going to be.

Peace and good travels,

Adina Marguerite