Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes: 2015 Launch Collection

Behind The Scenes At RambleGood

Have you had a chance to check out our About page yet? If not, I just want to share a little excerpt which is key to begin this post. 

We believe handmade goods have the power to connect us.

While we could have outsourced the production of our products to a small factory - thereby increasing the volume of our collections and decreasing the workload on ourselves, that path doesn't fit within our value structure. Nor does it reflect why we started RambleGood in the first place. 

I've always been a maker and have a great appreciation for handmade products. What I love about them is that they connect you to another person - the quilt on my bed was made by my mom and one of my favorite necklaces was carved by an artist in Hokitika, New Zealand. After years of studying conflict and conflict resolution my biggest take away was; the more we know about each other, the more we're able to relate to each other and find common ground. In my view, there lies the value of handmade - and it's ability to connect us. 

So, in the spirit of what we're all about - here's the first peak behind of scenes of the makers behind RambleGood.

Behind The Scenes at RambleGood
Stacks of organic cotton fabric, printed by Spoonflower, await their first wash.
Our Chief Sewing & Cutting Officer, Zeke, measures knit fabric while cutting head socks while wearing one of our tested but not produced designs.
Behind The Scenes at RambleGood