The West Collection

Introducing The West Collection


We'd love for you to meet the West Collection, our new made-to-order set of travel goods with a cause. Inspired by our love for the western United States, West Collection products are individually made to order from your choice of 25 different print and color options. While we have more products in the development queue set to be released as part of this collection, today we're launching a simple head band and a re-engineered version of our classic head sock.

Designed out of requests for an even more minimalist piece of this lovely fabric, our head band does triple duty to keep back your hair, block the light from your eyes, and spiff up any hat.

We have two ready made headbands currently available in the shop!

Our founding product, now designed with flat seam at the back for added comfort, increased durability, and absolutely zero possibility for chafing! And yes, it still works wonderfully as a pillowcase too!

We have one ready made head sock currently available in this shop!

About Our Shift To Made-To-Order Products

When we initially founded RambleGood, we opted for a limited edition collection model to support hand making a quality product within our budget. In the two years of building towards re-launching our handmade travel goods line, we learned that in order to expand our line past our original four products and into a greater variety of patterns and colorways - limited editions just weren't going to cut it.

So, with the introduction of the West Collection - we're going made-to-order with our line*. This means that when you select the product and fabric you'd like and click purchase - we get busy! Your fabric is ordered, shipped to us, and then we sew the item just before shipping it out to you. Due to the wait times involved for us to receive the fabric and then sew it up, made-to-order products will ship approximately five (5) weeks after being ordered.

* Now here's the caveat to all that! For most of our made-to-order products, when we order fabric - we are usually able to get more than one item out of that order. So, from time to time, you'll see ready-made items pop up in the shop ready for shipping just as soon as you purchase them! Right now, we have two head bands and one new head sock in stock and ready to ship (in addition to our remaining limited edition launch collection items).

We hope this gives you a better opportunity to get the products you want in designs and colorways that appeal personally to you!

Questions? Let us know if you have any! Either here in the comments, on Instagram, or send us at email at